XDBMS Architecture

The objective of the XML Database Management System is to provide the users with capabilities of managing XML data while using the existing RDBMS at the backend.

The system includes several user tools and the database adapter to the major The examples of user tools include XQuery/XPath editor, XML editor, and a command line tool for executing user commands.

<insert the system architecture diagram>

In this project, the primary target is to build APIs upon which various user tools can be built. Also, a command line tool is implemented. The command line tool implementation is used as an example of showing how the APIs can be used to build user tools.

Command Line Tool

With the command line tool, the user can

Tools API

This is a set of public interfaces that provide applications with full access for manipulating XML database. The XML database interface proposed by the XML:DB initiative is supported.

Persistence Model

The conversion between XML and relational data is done through persistence layer. This is also a metadata model for XML and is based on the XPath data model.

Relational Database

This is any RDB products that support the JDBC interface. MySQL will be used as the backend relational database during development. Other major products such as DB2, Oracle, and Sybase will be supported after this project's initial release.